Fitness Friday // 001

DISCLAIMER: Prior to reading this, please note that I am not nor do I think I am a fitness guru. However, I do believe that we should all take care of our bodies and encourage everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of stuffing our faces during the winter months and cramming in workouts in spring simply to get our bodies ready for summer. However, yet another bikini season is just around the corner and that summer body we all promised ourselves we would achieve for the past five years still just isn’t up to par!

“How can that be?” we ask ourselves, as we simultaneously eat a bag of chips while recalling all the the hours we’ve put into working out over the past two months.

It’s rather simply. We’re working out for all the wrong reasons.

To achieve that slim, fit beach body you cannot merely begin to exercise mid-May, rather, it takes months of mental and physical training. You literally have to change your entire lifestyle, from what and when you eat to how you spend your time. For most of us, it’s not as easy as doing a weeks worth of workouts and you’re whipped into shape. Achieving a healthy physique is a full on commitment.

Therefore, I’ve decided to change some of my habits by eating healthier more often and adding workouts to my daily routine. Not only am I doing this because I (like many others), would love to feel more confident in a bikini, but I am doing this just as much for my health as well. We only have one body in life, so we might as well take care of it.

On a side note, I’ve also noticed that working out on a daily basis has helped with my mental health as well, as it is proven to. I find it rather therapeutic during high anxiety situations and OCD attacks. I also find myself having way more energy than normal, sleeping less throughout the day and having a healthier disposition in general.

So, I’ve partnered up with one of my best friends, Gian Petraroia, a certified and trained physical trainer to whip me into shape! Grab your workout buddy, check out our workout routine below and give it a go. Trust me, you will DEFINITELY feel the burn thanks to G!

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SET 1:

Broad jump into air squat  For this exercise, you will need a lot of space. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Begin the exercise by swinging your arms back behind your body as you bend your knees and push your hips back. Swing your arms forward and drive both feet into the ground. Land on your feet and drop down into a squat position. (A.K.A. do a long jump and once you have landed with both feet on the ground, it’s squat time!) REPEAT!

Ball slams super set with burpees – Start this exercise off facing forward with your legs standing in a “v” shape. Slam a medicine ball into the ground, allow it to bounce up, catch and repeat. Do 10 repetitions on each side (front, left, right), followed by seven burpees.

Repeat this set three times!


SET 2:

Plank pull throughs (30 seconds) – Along with maintaining a plank position for 30 seconds, place a weight on the ground between both arms. Starting with the right arm, drag the weight from your right hand to your left. Continue to interchange hands.

Sit ups with dumbbells (30 seconds) – Hold a dumbbell in both hands while staying in a sit up position. Perform repetitions of sit ups while reaching with a dumbbell in your hands to the sky.

Push throughs (30 seconds) – Perform the standard sit up, however, instead bringing your body all the way up, use your upper core to sit up and reach in between your legs.

Repeat this set three times!

SET 3:

Jump and split lunges – Perform jump and split lunges, interchanging from one leg to the other 10 times each.

Sumo squats – Time for sumo squats! That’s right, stand like a sumo wrestler and squat! Dip with a dumbbell for extra resistance.

Repeat this step three times!

SET 4:

Russian twists – Sitting on the floor, left and curl your legs while sitting up straight. With a dumbbell in your hands, switch from side to side to engage your core. Perform 12 repetitions on each side.

Toe touch – Laying down, lift our legs straight in the air. Then use your upper core to bring your fingers to your toes. Repeat for 12 repetitions.

Side crunches – Lay down with your back against the ground and your legs lifted making a 90 degree angle. With your right arm reach for your left knee and vice versus. Repeat on each side ten times.

ICYMI: I’m doing a Q&A this Sunday so please send in any questions here! Thank you xo


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