In honor of recently reaching over 1,000 followers and welcoming so many new faces to the blog, I️ would love to do a Q&A!

So please, submit your questions in the comment section below or send to my email ciarralorren@gmail.com, and I️ will be sure to include them in next week’s blog post.

I️ encourage you to stretch your imagines, to ask as many questions as you wish and to have as much fun with this as you possibly can!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support.x

The Cove


Every year I tell myself: this is going to be your year Ciarra. This will be the year you turn your fitness and cookie eating habits around and work for the body you’ve always wanted. This will be the year that your confidence will reach an all-time high and you’ll fall in love with the […]

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Inspiration, The Cove

Fitness Friday // 008

DISCLAIMER: Prior to reading this, please note that I am not nor do I think I am a fitness guru. However, I do believe that we should all take care of our bodies and encourage everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle. PLEASE REMEMBER TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If something does not feel right, don’t […]

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The Cove


Ummm…. DID CIARRALORREN.COM REALLY HIT OVER 1,000 FOLLOWERS!?! Yes, yes it did! And it’s ALL because of YOU! I cannot wrap my mind around reaching this milestone. Just thinking of at least one person reading the content I pour my heart out into makes me smile. Now, thinking of 1,000 of you clicking on my […]

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