Hola amigas! I’d love to do a Q&A as one of my posts for my daily blogging challenge of June so we can all get to know each other a little better! So, if you have any questions please write them in the comment section below. If you don’t have any questions…please make some up (hehe)! There are no limits and they certainly do not have to be about fashion or beauty by any means like the themes of the majority of my posts! Let’s get creative and have fun with this one. Thanks so much in advance! xo


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  1. How would you define your style? Who are your style icons? What inspires your fashion and what inspires your posts? How long does it take you to put a post together and how do you deal with writers block…if you ever have? Xx

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  2. Why did you start blogging and who inspired you to start?

    Who are your favourite fashion icons?

    I just discovered your wonderful blog and I am so excited to see the Q and A so I can know more about you!! 🙂

    My blog:

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  3. I some other questions, (I’m sorry) I’m trying to re-do my blog’s color scheme and I was wondering how I could make sure my pictures all looked like they belonged to a brand? Also if your doing a series of blog posts, what kind of featured image do you use? (If you can’t answer these that’s okay, I’m just looking for some insight.) Thanks! E

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    1. Omg no reason to apologize!!! I love questions haha! The first piece of advice I’d give would be to pick a design/picture aesthetic. If you already have one in mind then that’s wonderful! But if you don’t then search the web and find collections of pictures (on Instagram, Pinterest, websites, etc.) that you think work well together and best represent you as a brand! I personally get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram (@sincerelyjules, @valentinamarzullo, @chiaraferragni) but I also am insanely inspired by Vogue and their aesthetic so I try to mimic their images but never forget to put my own twist on it! So, once you have this vision in mind, just practice editing and choosing pictures that look like they belong together and look the way you want!! As for featured images for blog series, I try to keep the images as related as possible in subject, design, color scheme, etc., but it really depends on the series! For example, for my series “The Cove,” almost all (if not all) featured images are tropically related as it was inspired with the vision of a tropical, Caribbean cove. So, I tend to use pictures I took on vacations in the Caribbean whether they be of the ocean, palm trees or tropical vegetation, they all appear to be a part of the same series! Other series are much more difficult, however. I think the key is really just to do your research to find an aesthetic that best represents you and then from there make sure your photos coincide with one another! Sorry, I’m no master at this but I really hope I helped the slightest! xo

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