I Ordered From A Sponsored Brand On Instagram And Here’s What Happened


After rumors began to surface surrounding Victoria’s Secret’s cancellation of their swimsuit line last year, I began to PANIC. 

“What on Earth was I to do now? How am I to find another brand that is equally as cute as it is affordable?!?,” I thought as the famous swim brand had been my go-to resource for the season’s cutest bikinis for almost a decade (since I was a teenager).

However, I tried not to panic TOO much, bringing myself back down to reality and recognizing that there are plenty of other brands out there selling good quality swimsuits at a great price. At least that’s what I continue to tell myself.

So, I began searching the web, but found myself quick to give up as I was still sold on Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret only. Thank God their PINK line continues to sell swimwear!

However, one day, I went out on a limb. After seeing an ad on Instagram for Zaful bikinis on sale for $12.99 as opposed to their market price of $51.96, I could not pass up on such an offer! The bikinis were triangular on top and of a cheekster style on the bottoms. Made of a textured material and in six different colors, they were everything I was looking for and more.

Please Note: This is not the original ad found on Instagram. Original ad can no longer be found.

I proceeded to click on the sponsored Instagram post, which brought me straight to the website making it ever so easy to place my order. I bought two sets of the Cami Plunge Bralette Bikini Top and Bottoms; one in a soft, dusty pink and the other in white. And, after reading the raving reviews, I was extremely excited to receive my order.

If I am completely honest, I should have stopped right when I got to the website. Scratch that. I should have stopped right when I saw the ad.

Flag number one, SHOULD have been the price and flag number two SHOULD have been the fact that I could only buy the bikini as a set, with both the top and bottom being the same size…no adjustments.

After waiting 17 days for both bikinis, they finally arrived yesterday packaged in what looked like Ziploc sandwich bags packed in a regular shipping bag. I promptly opened them up and tried each on individually and needless to say, after reading the reviews, I was a bit disappointed, as most said that the sets fit “true to size.” I ordered a medium…the bottoms are a bit snug and the tops a bit baggy, doing absolutely nothing to help my already small boobs. I supposed if I were larger on top the medium would have fit much better, but being that I am not, it would definitely have been more beneficial if I were able to order a small top and medium bottoms.

Other than the fit, one of the main things I noticed was the quality. The quality in fabric and craftsmanship is certainly lacking, as the material has a cheap feel and appearance, and the inside stitching is messy as well. The spaghetti straps of the tops are also non-adjustable and the “elasticity” as promised on the website is certainly not there…AT ALL. Perhaps it was just me, but I also had a very difficult time keeping the hardware in the back strapped securely.

However, I suppose you get what you pay for.

On the positive, the pink and white colors are true to the images online and I definitely cannot deny the fact that they are very cute in style. I just wish the quality that we expect of a bathingsuit was equivalent to the bikinis’ style.

BUT, this is not to say that the bikinis are not wearable. They totally are and I plan to wear them throughout the summer.

However, they are definitely being added to my pile of bikinis to wear in my pool rather than my more luxurious, special occasion swimsuits.

Have you ever ordered from Zaful or had an experience like this!?! If so, please let me know in the comments!

P.S. This is not intended to be a post intentionally dissing any brand. I am merely sharing my experience with my reading in hopes that they learn from it and have a better outcome! I’d love to hear of any positive experiences ordering from Zaful to give them another shot.

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16 thoughts on “I Ordered From A Sponsored Brand On Instagram And Here’s What Happened

  1. I’m so sorry they were not what you were expecting. I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous wearing them anyway 🙂 I guess you were unlucky, I have bought crazy cheap things from different places and they are usually good quality. Do you know this online store https://www.everything5pounds.com/ ? I’ve orderer things from them, both shoes and dresses to wear to weddings and they have always been extremely good quality despite the price and actually true to size. xx

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    1. No need to apologize hehe! But thank you! I’ve never heard of that online store but it sounds great! I’m definitely going to try it out! Thanks so much for the advice xo


  2. Wait, what? I am so behind on current events and real life, so I have not heard anything about VS swimwear going away. I did notice they no longer have swim on their main site, but I assumed it was just that they were marketing it under their Pink line now. Is that not accurate? I have not worn any suits other than Victoria’s Secret for years, so this makes me so sad!

    Aside from that, sorry about the shoddy swimwear you received. No fun when clothes don’t work out like you hope…

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    1. Yes! Victoria’s Secret reportedly dropped their swimsuit line in favor of their VS Sport line because sales were way down! So now, only PINK is selling bathingsuits, which are pretty much identical in quality with VS. But unfortunately, there’s not that huge selection that we used to get from the catalogues 😦 ! It’s a shame!!!

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      1. That is a sad change for VS. but it all makes sense with the tiny selection I saw at the store recently. And sadly I have to admit that I wasn’t really feeling the selections this season. Sad!

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  3. I have received dresses and accessories from Zaful.com and I have better experiences. I have not tried the bathing suits, because really need to order the tops and bottom separate; otherwise the overall look will not be very flattering :$

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  4. I have ordered a jacket from Zaful. In 2xl, a size 2 sizes too big (on purpose). I waited 2 weeks. Nothing. So I contacted them to ask where the jacket was as it was going to start snowing SOON.
    They tell me it’s on backorder and I’ll have to wait A MONTH longer, but I can exchange it for another coat. I’d just have to tell them the size and color. Guess what they screwed up?
    You guessed it. Size.
    It came too small. I can’t even zip it up. In a perfect world where sizes actually mean something, 2xl is huge. 2xl in Asian sizes is still huge on me.

    After the DHL cod charge that cost as much as the jacket, I think I’m done with these guys.
    I wish stories like yours were higher on the ping list. With this kind of terrible quality being shipped from Singapore, in a ziplock back no less, I’d expect way more negative feedback.
    Or at least a mixed back of responses.
    I guess that was a big warning for me as well.

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    1. I️ cannot believe that happened to you!! I️ was thoroughly disappointed with Zaful, as their ads on Instagram looked picture perfect. But as it seems, for you and I️ at least, that’s all that it was. I️ totally agree with you! Wish I️ knew what we know now before spending my money. So sorry you had a similar experience 😕


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