City Girl Meets Country

What Does A City Girl Wear To A Country Concert?!?

No, seriously. What does a city girl wear to a country concert?!?

If you were to ask me for advice as to what to wear to Sunday’s brunch, it would be simple. If you were to ask me for advice as to what to wear for a day out in SoHo, I’d already have an outfit in mind. However, if you were to ask me for advice as to what to wear to a country concert, my mind would be blank!

And, that’s exactly what happened last Thursday morning at one o’clock a.m. when I spontaneously bought a ticket to join my friends and see Nelly and Florida Georgia Line live here in New Jersey.

Truth is, when it comes to choosing between the city and the countryside, I am a city girl through and through (though, I really think I’m an island girl, but that’s another story). I was born and raised in New Jersey, just about 30 minutes away from New York City, so the east coast’s city and “street” way of life has not only left an impression on my lifestyle but my fashion style as well.

As my sense of style has developed, I’ve always gravitated toward sleek and chic pieces like a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and a classic white tee that together make one polished and refined look. Flannels, Western boots and lace dresses just never seemed to be my forte.

Therefore, when I impulsively bought tickets to see a notable country band (even though I only knew two of their songs, I had an amazing time), my immediate thought was, “Ok! What on Earth am I going to where?!”

Clearly, I did not want to stick out like a sore thumb, wearing stereotypical country gear or stereotypical city street wear. But, I also did not want to stray away from my style. I merely wanted to meet somewhere in the middle between city and country all while staying true to my own style roots.

So, here’s what I opted for… ​


A plain white crop top from Topshop, a Ralph Lauren belt (in silver), distressed white denim shorts from Topshop, a leather mini backpack also from Topshop and my favorite part, Dolce Vita patent leather ankle boots that I suppose have somewhat of a Western vibe to them. And, of course, I threw on my favorite Tory Burch sunnies to go with the look. If I do say so myself, I think I did a pretty good job merging my two goals. On the one hand, I definitely stayed true to my own style, as I loved the chicness of my outfit and would definitely wear it again. On the other, I also thought I had a few pieces that added subtly hints of country to my look (A.K.A. my belt and shoes).

But what do you think?? Was my look a huge hit or a giant miss?!? Also, if you were to go to a country concert what would you wear?!?

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