If You’re My Sister, Please Don’t Read This

My sister’s Christmas present finally arrived today and we cannot wait anymore days to give it to her!

So Lexi, if you’re reading this, please turn away…

As a lover of all things monogrammed, we figured we’d add to her collection of monogrammed hats and bags this Christmas. Being that she already owns a monogrammed hat from Marley Lilly, a L.L. Bean duffle bag and a Louis Vuitton handbag, we opted to personalize a classic white button-down shirt from Madewell; the current monogramming Queens!

We love Madewell not only for their laid-back yet chic style, but for their vast array of monogramming options. From bags to denim to small leather goods, you could literally monogram everything!

I would highly recommend checking them out. There’s literally nothing better than a customized gift!


Photographed by Ciarra Zatorski.
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