Our Latest Obsession Has Your Name Written All Over It

There’s a new “It” bag in town and we need to get our hands on one…PRONTO.

So, am I the only one who has noticed the rise of British accessories brand, Pop & Suki, created by best friends Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse?!? If so, please check them out because we are completely OBSESSED!

Not only does the brand have the chicest crossbody bags in three shades: cotton candy, cognac and noir, which can each be customized with your name on them, but tons of tiny accessories and jewelry we’ve always wanted but could never find. So, if you’re still looking for Christmas presents for the lovely mom, sister or best friend in your life, we highly recommend these personalized pieces.




If you need anymore reason to fall in love with the brand, just take a peek at the BFF’s story behind Pop & Suki copied below! They are quite possibly the most authentic brand out there at the moment and we’re totally loving it.

“Our Story

We know most websites do a ‘who we are’ section, but we are ourselves: Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse (also known as Wife & Wife), two real-life best friends who are totally different, and exactly the same.

We are the friends who talk on the phone until the battery dies and laugh at each other’s jokes to the point you end up spitting out your drink. Each other’s rocks, cheerleaders, partners-in-crime, and therapists. In some ways we’re exactly the same, but in others completely different:  if you asked us both to pick out a jacket, Poppy’s would be rainbow flowers and Suki’s would be monochrome fringed.

We met in a nightclub. Yes, actually. We spotted each other twirling across a crowded dance floor and after that, we were just best friends. Some things click instantly, and that’s how it was with us.

Together, we’re designing the stuff we actually want… those pieces that we always talked about as ‘if onlys.’

We created Pop & Suki because we wanted to celebrate everything that makes us total opposites, but keeps us together at the same time.xx
Suki + Poppy”


Now it’s time to get ordering!


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