“Generation K”

While this may not be Jenner’s first walk around the block in terms of editorials, we cannot get over how gorgeous the American model looks in Gucci as the magazine’s cover girl!

For Jenner, this cover could not have had better timing, as it represents a more than merely a significant achievement in the 20-year-old’s modeling career. Rather, as a key subject in the ongoing supermodel debate, which questions whether or not young stars like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have yet earned or will ever earn the “supermodel” title, the cover only supports Jenner’s cause, pronouncing her worthy of the prestigious label.
In honor of what we presume to be  Jenner’s first of many  American Vogue covers as well as her rising supermodel status, we collected the first covers of all of our favorite modern supermodels that defined the title’s very meaning.
*Click on the photos for more details on 
Vogue's cover girls throughout
the years!

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest/Vogue

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