There’s nothing quite like the Californian sun. From sunrise to sunset, it charmingly illuminates the wide, open Southern Cali sky.

For Spring/Summer 2018, Tadashi Shoji drew inspiration for the collection from the daily solar trek with yellow, pink, red-hued ensembles quickly transforming into dreamy, hyperfeminine long gowns of blues, blacks and greens.

It’s as if Shoji took us along the journey of the sun from the start to the finish of her collection.

Nonetheless, the colors of a Southern Californian summer were no doubt the major influence for an incredible show by the designer.

As Shoji puts it:

“The Malibu sun is setting beyond the wave breaks. The sky is tinted in muted neons. With salty hair and sandy feet, it’s time to swap your board for your gown. Top down; cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway until the curtain of night is pinned by the stars. Destination: Los Angeles. A chance invite from a friend takes you through rolling hills to a secluded enclave, nestled within a woodland canyon. Partygoers roll up, draped in gemstone colors – red jasper, jade, rose quartz, yellow opal, azurite and agate. All are welcome – artists and musicians, bohemians and émigrés. Where fame and fortune mix with wanderers and nomads. Where moguls mingle with children of the ocean. It’s mystique of southern California that draws them to days of possibility alongside nights of allure and beauty. Make your way to the courtyard garden, past the heady smells of night-blooming jasmine and moonflowers. Relax and unwind – it’s a Golden State of mind.”

The show began with vibrant yellow and pink-patterned pieces delicately draped on the models’ bodies, reflecting the sweet serenity of a beautiful sunrise.


With a few blue and black ensembles dropped into the mix, the collection gradually reached its peak with striking red-orange and yellow gowns making their way down the runway.


Then it was as if night began to fall. The yellows and oranges became muted on white, teal and black dresses, eventually giving way to a collection of primarily floral-printed pink and blue pieces.


The sun was clearly setting and all I could picture in my mind was that mystical moment when the sunset transforms the clear blue sky into different shades of pinks, oranges, teals and purples.


It was now the evening. The sun no longer lit the Californian sky, rather, the moon and stars shined over the sunny state. Shoji took full advantage of the final state of the sun before it rising again in the morning by closing the show with the most beautifully lunar embellished, free-flowing gowns.


Which look is your favorite!? Let me know in the comments below! xo

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