Perfection is so last season, according to designer Lee Chung Chung who deems societal “imperfections” perfectly imperfect.

LIE 2018 Spring/Summer is about the perfect beauty of being imperfect. Nobody is perfect actually, but I think that’s real beauty. Because I don’t think that all the people love standard beauty, so I want to talk about the individuality of the beauty of the individual woman,” said Chung Chung.

Taking his first New York Fashion Week by storm, the designer created his collection by focusing on the modern day creative, confident and energetic women who lives life expressively. Like many designers, Chung Chung’s inspiration came from the growth process of the flower; beginning with it’s tough exterior, then to the delicacy of it’s blooming petals and finally to it’s end state of having a heavenly bloom and aura.

Classic petal layering, effortless shapes and an assorted array of colors flowed down the runway, as Chung Chung mixed floral drapery with modern athleisure wear to reflect today’s women and to create a sense of perfectly imperfect femininity.

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Though dynamic 80’s hues proved most shocking and unique strutting down the runway, the emphasis of individual beauty was beautifully reflected in Chung Chung’s hair and makeup decisions. The designer, with the help of Aveda makeup and hair artists, tailored each look to emphasize the individual beauty of each model.

Modern Salon

No two models looked the same from head-to-toe thanks to Lee Chung Chung, proving that there is infinite beauty in diversity.

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