Postcard From Barcelona

Before I share this post with you about the beautiful craftsmanship and artistry of one of Spain’s most world-renowned brands, I would like to dedicate this post to all of those effected by the recent attacks in the beautiful city. My heart goes out to the innocent victims and their families who were subject to such horrific and unwarranted tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May this world be blessed with much more love and kindness. God bless.


Dancing In The Streets

“I’ve never been to Barcelona. I’ve never had the privilege of being able to walk in the streets of the beautiful, vivacious city. But, I do imagine what it would be like. I imagine walking through the city in espadrilles, down cute cobble stone streets paving the way to the heart of the city, while hearing live music around just about every corner. I imagine watching people dance to the rhythm of the various beats that all seem to be in sync, as they smile and simply enjoy life. I imagine a society that adores it’s culture and lives every second of their lives displaying their pride in their heritage. I imagine so much beauty and life in Barcelona. Hopefully, one day I will get the chance to no longer imagine the beauty but to truly see it for my own eyes.”

-Ciarra Lorren

Luckily for me, I do not have to imagine as much anymore as my sister and her boyfriend are currently on their way home from a beautiful week in the beautiful city. Intrigued by her vacation, I asked her to send me photos that truly captured the heart of Barcelona throughout the duration of her stay. I did not receive any of the scenic and cultural photographs as I wished (thanks Lex!), but what I did receive was a thread of photos taken of the Toni Pons’ storefront as well as the overwhelming selection of espadrilles that lined the inside of their walls.


She texted me day after day, telling me to blog about this place saying that the shoes are world famous, that they were recently worn by Pippa Middleton, and are only produced and sold in Spain. I clearly looked at it as a great fashion story to share on my blog as espadrilles are one of the summer’s hottest trends. However, I got to thinking more about the tragedies that recently took place in Barcelona and wanted to dig a little deeper into the culture of the city.

So, I did my research and discovered that this brand exemplifies the epitome of Barcelona’s culture.

Founded in 1946 by Anotni Pons Parramon, the brand began producing espadrilles made with rubber as well as boots of leather that captured the essence and spirit of Spain. Over 70 years later, Toni Pons continues to do just that as the continually reinvent the fashionably and contemporary product without sacrificing the craftsmanship and ecological awareness that informed the brand ever since its first espadrilles and boots were products, according to their website.

Today, the espadrille still has life, strength and personality as it transcends borders and is universally known. We have given it a passport, and will continue to expand in the future,” states the site.

But, this is more than merely about a pair of shoes, as the same can be said for the city of Barcelona as well. “It still has life, strength and personality” despite the challenges they have faced in the past week.

Barcelona in itself is like Antoni’s espadrille, as it is woven together with so much strength and life, proving that nothing can tear it apart. It was handcrafted by the people who possessed an incredible spirit and culture that continues to display its durability through whatever path it must undertake.

You may merely see these espadrilles as a pairs of shoes, however, they are so much more. They represent fashion, culture, history and the strength of a country that is braver than brave can be.

(P.S. I know this post is much deeper and more journalistic than my recent posts, however, I truly believe that is so importantly to sometimes reflect on the issues that are going on in the world. More importantly, it is essential to always go back to your roots, for your roots with prevent you from losing your identity.)

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