It’s A Wrap!

Ever since I could remember my summer vacations always included two things; family beach time and hair wraps!

Remember those hair wraps that were SO in back in the late 1990s and early 2000s…the ones that looked just like the friendship bracelets you and your bffs would load your wrists with!?!

Well, great news! Those string-covered strands of hair are back in style and I couldn’t be more excited. You heard it here first; we’re calling this the hottest summer beauty trend of 2017.

For my sister and I, the nostalgic hair wraps capture the epitome of our childhood summers. So, this summer we decided to test out our hair wrapping skills and recreate the chicest hair accessory to ever exist on the planet (at least in our minds).

We especially love making these hair wraps because there are SO many different ways to weave them in SO many different patterns with SO many different colors. They’re so fun and yet can be so chic and fashionable at the same time. Can I say “so” anymore in two sentences!?!

Anyway, my sister, Lexi, is a master string bracelet, hair wrap, etc. maker so attempting to bring back our favorite accessory came natural for her. Clearly, she did all of the wrapping, including her own!

And, being that she is leaving for Barcelona this Friday, she opted for the colors of Spain’s flag to create the wrapping pattern of her choice. She also decided to create smaller sections of each color, alternating from blue, yellow and red respectively. I LOVE how fun and colorful her’s came out!


I, on the other hand, wanted something completely different. Instead of choosing three colors as my sister did, I opted for only two; white and a more subdued turquoise! My hair wrap is also much more chunky than Lexi’s, as the sections are much thicker, which for me, creates a chicer look.


If you want to recreate the looks yourself, you can follow the simple guide crafted by hereP.S. Here’s a photo of little Ciarra with my classic summer hair wrap! 

SCAN0469 copy

What do you think of the hair trend!? Did you ever have a hair wrap?? Would you want one yourself and if so, how would you make it!?


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