Monday’s Muse // 8.14


Disney Star Turned Fashion Icon

Watch out everyone, Zendaya is not the only Disney star taking on the fashion industry. That’s right! There’s a new Disney princess stepping into the limelight and I must admit, her style is impeccable (and by impeccable…I mean completely peccable). The Latin star and daughter of the Evil Queen in Disney’s latest film “Descendants 2”, Sofia Carson, is breaking the boundaries of the family-friendly entertainment conglomerate’s bubble by transforming the expected role of a Disney star. It seems as though Carson is following in Zendaya’s footsteps, beginning with the launch of her music career by releasing her single “Back to Beautiful” (classic Disney move)! But, now she’s branching out and making a name for herself in the fashion industry by landing the July cover of “Moldeliste Magazine” as well as the dual cover of “Seventeen Mexico’s” summer issue.


The star even made Vogue headlines during Paris Fashion Week last March!! This surely goes without saying but, that girl is going places and we cannot wait to see where her glamorous fashion sense takes her!




P.S. Please tell me someone got my “Phineas and Ferb” reference. Also, check out yesterday’s Weekly Question PT. 2 and our latest Youtube video!

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse // 8.14

    1. She really is so effortlessly beautiful! And that film was great! I couldn’t get “what’s my name” out of my head for days haha! Thanks for stopping by love xo


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