We Asked You Answered // Week 002

What Was Your Worst Wardrobe Malfunction?!?

We’ve all had that cringe worthy/I hate myself moment! Our reader’s share theirs!




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“Being that this is such an invasive question, I’ll start with my embarrassing story! So, they say wedgies are a girl’s best friend. Don’t they!? No, no…they certainly do not actually. However, with being the youngest child of the family and receiving the amount of wedgies I’ve received in my lifetime, wedgies and I have become very close over the years (thanks to my brother). And, you would think that by being 23 years old and having a 24-year-old brother, wedgie time would be a thing of the past by now. No, no it certainly has not. Long story short, during my vacation to Punta Cana this year, my mother, brother and I decided to trade in sitting under the palm trees on the beach for a quick and RELAXING dip in the pool. I should have known that it would be anything but relaxing, as it quickly turned into a cat and mouse chase between my brother and I. I was clearly the mouse and like every other story goes, the mouse got caught and this one just so happened to get a wedgie of all wedgies (yes, I was in a bikini). However, little did I know that the power of the wedgie ripped the bottoms of my bathingsuit, leaving a giant hole in the seam of the bum. So glad no one in my family noticed until about five hours later after romping around in the sand and ocean…NOT!





“Not sure if you would consider this a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ necessarily, but it definitely was a malfunction of some sort. So, after talking to this guy I really liked for weeks, he finally asked me out on a date. Everything was set to be perfect, as we opted for the classic dinner and movie night. As we sat across from each other at the restaurant table smiling, I noticed him staring at my mouth. I thought we were having a moment and that he was just admiringly starring at smile until he began to speak. ‘Umm, you have something on your teeth…,’ he said. So, I picked up the knife to catch a quick glimpse and there was a huge swipe of my red lipstick stuck between my teeth. Who would’ve thought red lipstick would ever fail someone!?





“So, my friends and I were freshman and decided to go to the beach one summer day. After endless hours of tanning, we decided it was time to take a dip in the water. PLUS, if we needed anymore of an excuse, there were three super cute lifeguards (and three of us) sitting on the stand in front of us! Because the waves were so rough, my friends dared me to go in first. So, of course I did. Needless to say, I didn’t get very far as a crashing wave knocked me over, took my top off and sent me off to shore. I ended up looking like a beached whale flopping right in front of the lifeguards trying to get my top back on! Super cute!





“I fell victim to the classic skirt tucked into the underwear malfunction one day at school. It was like I was an actress right out of a film, only I wasn’t acting when I left the restroom with my uniform tucked into my underwear. Luckily, my best friend noticed right away and saved me from complete embarrassment. It was far too close for my liking!





“I have to admit that practically everyday of my life I have an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as I sweat so much. Literally every shirt I wear ends up having pit stains no matter the color. I just have to accept it at this point!”





“Ladies, you’re very lucky that it is much easier to get your hands on boob enhancers now-a-days because years ago, tissue was practically your only route. Yes, I used to stuff my bra with tissues to make them look a little more perky and perfect. And yes, a girl who shared the same crush as me pointed out the piece of tissue poking out of my shirt whilst I was chatting with him in the hallway one day at school. I was so horrified that I just turned around and ran away. There was certainly zero girl code followed at that point in time!”





“So my friends tend to enjoy pantsing each other just for the giggles. If you’re not familiar with pantsing, it’s basically pulling down someone’s pants when they least expect it, leaving them pants-less and vulnerable. One day, we were all CALMLY hanging out in the school yard, when all of a sudden my friend yanked on my skirt and down it went. Fortunately for me, I decided to throw on an older, ugly pair of undies that day. And even more fortunately for me, my crush (A.K.A. the hottest guy in grade seven) was apparently walking over to my group of friends from behind at that exact moment. Why do these things always seem to happen in front of your crush?”



Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.59.39 PM



Blog: The Life of Angela

Instagram: @angwooly

“The main one for me was when I started my job as a checkout chick. I didn’t have my uniform yet, so I had to wear a white blouse and black pants. I only had one blouse, and it wasn’t the best fitting one. It was from school. Since then my boobs have grown so they don’t fit right in the chest area. Basically, the buttons have a habit of occasionally popping open. So yeah, halfway through my day at work, a customer low-key told me that half the buttons had popped open. Luckily, I was wearing a singlet underneath, but still. Made my face red!”



Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.58.30 PM



Blog: Baumanolly

Instagram: @baumanolly_blog

“I bought a great pair of jeans once…from a budget-friendly brand. It ripped in the middle of the working day only a few months later! Since then I prefer dresses and skirts to jeans and pants!”



Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 7.26.10 PM.png



Blog: Littlemayflyblog

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Twitter: Chloe3may

The good old toilet paper on the shoe! I was dragging so much behind me I had no clue! It was my birthday as well.”



Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.54.25 PM



Blog: Ellamaygarrett

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Twitter: @ellamaygarrett

“I haven’t had a wardrobe malfunction that was embarrassing for ages! I do remember, however, a pretty memorable incident at school. These tight cheap trousers were in fashion, an embarrassment in themselves looking back, and during the summer we would always spend our lunches messing about on the school field. I made the mistake of jumping on my friend’s back and my trousers ripped the whole way down across my bum!! So many people saw and I had to borrow a friend’s jumper and wrap it around my waist all day.”



Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.51.08 PM



Blog: Bostonianstyledbykatey

Instagram: @bostonian_styled

I remember it like it was yesterday. The year, was 2006; the setting, was Sunday morning at church; the boy, was Ryan Sweatt (gross last name, but he was the hottest high school Senior back in the day if you were a 16-year-old girl living in New Hampshire at the time); and the article of clothing that served as the culprit of one of my most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions ever: a wicked cute satin gold camisole by B. Wear that I had just bought from the Junior’s department at Macy’s – and decided to wear that fateful Sunday when I saw Ryan in church. So, after finally getting up the nerve to go over and say ‘hi’ to one of my biggest high school crushes, how exactly did this super cute top  – which I had paired with a crocheted black cardigan, black patent leather peep-toe pumps, and a pair of grey pin-striped capris (I swear, that was all in style back in ’06), turn its back on me? Well, after a magical (and roughly two-minute) conversation with the then boy of my dreams, I looked down and realized that the plastic adjuster on the strap of my cami had snapped, and because the top was satin – I didn’t even feel it fall down, which for 2 minutes, left me unknowingly standing and talking to him in the middle of church with my boob hanging out #soembarrassing.



Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.05.34 PM.png


Student Dentist/Sister

“I was seeing a patient who needed some drilling done. The second I reached for the petal below my feet, I heard a solid rip and turned to my patient who had to have heard the split, as their head was practically in my crotch. I laughed and said, ‘Oh my God! I think I just ripped my pants.’ Sure enough, I looked down and the seam of my scrubs had a gigantic hole in them.”




Week 3

What’s your worst beauty or fashion habit?!? Again, all submissions are welcome, but please tell me you change your underwear on the regular!

Post Date: August 20, 2017

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  1. OMG Ciarra I loved this post!! I might have to send one of my own! 🙂 Some of these are mortifying, I once had my skirt stuck in my cross body bag leaving my underwear out, worst part, I walked all across campus like that and took me a while to realize this, I was mortified and when I told my mom she said, well, at least you had cute underwear on.


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