Monday’s Muse // 8.08


W Magazine


It’s no mystery as to why Russian model, Natalia Vodianova, was nicknamed “Supernova” early on in her career. I mean after all, a supernova is an explosion of a star, which is exactly what Vodianova stands for (metaphorically, of course)! Though well known for her contract and endless campaigns with Calvin Klein, the supermodel’s ability to juggle what seems to be millions of roles as well as her generous soul prove that she is more than merely another pretty face in the business. As a mother of five and philanthropic founder of the Naked Heart Foundation as well as digital app, Elbie, we cannot believed her modeling career is still thriving! Vodianova shines bright on the cover of W Magazine’s June/July 2017 issue and throughout the magazine’s pages. So much respect for this strikingly beautiful woman and soul!

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