We Asked…You Answered // Week 001

What Makes You Feel Confident?!?



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Music Journalist

Blog: www.blondieandthebeat.com

Instagram: @blondieandthebeat

Twitter: @BloggingBlondie

“I feel most confident in anything high-waisted; jeans, leggings. It shows off my curves while giving me the confidence to feel good about my body type. I also love having my hair in loose curls, I feel my most confident when I wear my hair down and curly.”




Lifestyle Blogger

Blog: www.midnightmagician.wordpress.com

A good pair of earrings always cheer me up for some reason, and I always feel very confident with a hat or sunglasses to accessorize my outfit. But, the most important thing is always my smile, because that’s when I feel like I could slay anything!”



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Fashion, Travel and Beauty Blogger

Blog: www.storybyaggie.com

“For me without the shadow of a doubt it would be my hair. There is no feeling like just after visiting your hairdresser when you feel just simple, beautiful and put together. Shiny, healthy hair with natural finish is what gives me a confidence boost!
A good pair of heels can help as well but they must be comfortable and high enough to make me feel just right.”


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Blog: www.thelifeofangela.com

Instagram: @angwooly

“That’s a surprisingly tricky answer for me to answer, but I’m going to do my best! I feel most confident on the weekend, when I can dress up a little more and have more time to get ready for the day. I end up messing around for ages with hair and makeup, choosing what to wear, and that whole process is so much fun that it lifts my mood. By the time we head out for the day, I’m in a great mood and feeling confident. No matter what I end up wearing really.”


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Lifestyle Blogger

Blog: www.littlemayflyblog.com

Instagram: @littlemayfly_blog

Twitter: @Chloe3may

“It probably does sound cliche but as I am not always a confident person, I would have to say when I’ve got my hair and makeup done and a great outfit on I really do feel at my most confident.”


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Beauty, Dance and Fashion Blogger
Instagram: @floral.fleur
What makes me feel confident is wearing my beautiful rose gold wedged sandals because they make me smile so much! Also, on an everyday basis, if I wear a bright color it makes me smile and feel a load more confident!”

Lifestyle Blogger
Instagram: @thebeyoutifulgal
Facebook: thebeyoutifulgal
I’m the type of girl who loves just being myself and I enjoy learning different things that make me happy! I always try to value the unique traits and talents that GOD has given me, which shapes the person I am today! I try my best everyday to explore the world around me, go out of my comfort zone and strive for perfection when I work on my passions and goals! I feel the most confident when I’m able to achieve my goals through my hard work and am able to showcase my true self and personality! I feel confident when I do something that I’m passionate about, whether it’s academic or a hobby and that my work receives recognition!
In the beauty or fashion world, I feel confident when I stick to my own style, which is simplicity but elegance. I feel the most confident when I wear subtle makeup, hair down, simple black or floral dress, and of course, that kick ass red lipstick.”


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Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Instagram: @absolutelyolivia 

Blog: www.absolutelyolivia.com

“Something that always makes me feel more confident is a stand-out pair of shoes!  A good pair of chunky heels, black booties, and pink high top Vans with pom-poms are a few of the instant confidence boosters in my closet. I love being able to step out into the world with my best foot forward!


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Blog: AgapexOlay.wordpress.com 

Instagram: @agapexolay

“Where does my confidence come from? Well I’d say it comes from my mascara, my eyebrows, my perfect fitting jeans and sometimes the color black mixed with a pop of color. There’s just something about my eyelashes being long and the blackest black that makes me feel girlie and strong. I’ve never got my eyebrows waxed or threaded, there’s not much to get rid of, but there’s enough to work with. Thanks to my Anastasia BH Dipbrow Pomade I give myself the brows I’ve always wanted. And the color black…I mean who isn’t confident in black. It does so many things for me, it’s dope, it’s chic, it’s sexy, it’s a go-to and it’s the color that goes with everything. 

But if I’m being honest my confidence doesn’t come from just the material things. My confidence comes from the way I’m feeling most of all. One thing I’ve always said is “when I feel good, I look good.” It doesn’t matter how many favorites I have in my closet, or how much mascara or how on fleek my eyebrows are, if my energy is down then I don’t feel confident. I don’t feel pretty and I don’t feel as fierce as I should. 

Confidence is a beautiful thing to have and I feel it is a very important quality to have. Confidence means you see something and you believe in it. Confidence pushes you. Confidence makes you stronger. Confidence makes you fearless and sometimes invincible.”


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Blog: www.storiesto.wordpress.com

Instagram: @psstoryteller

Twitter: @psstoryteller


Confidence comes from within, just being comfortable in my own skin is what works for me. But…a little red lipstick and kick ass stilettos definitely do the trick.




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Theresa Marie

Food, Lifestyle and Personal Style Blogger

Blog: www.theresamariedaily.com

Instagram: @theresamariedaily

I feel most confident when I put on my mascara. My natural hair color is a light/medium blonde, which causes my eyelashes to be almost nonexistent without mascara. When I put mascara on I feel like a new person and I love it.



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A Note From The Editor

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for submitting responses for my first weekly questionnaire. I feel so beyond blessed to have such amazing followers who are strong, confident individuals that support every endeavor I attempt! None of this would be possible without you all, so thank you! x

Now…as for my response!

“Simply put…a tan! It’s amazing how much a sun-kissed complexion transforms my mind and body and instantly enhances my natural features and confidence! However, I prefer a natural tan straight from the sun (using SPF, of course). Luckily for me, my olive skin bronzes extremely easy during the summer months so I’ve never had to resort to a fake tan from a salon or any bronzing body products. There’s just something about having golden brown skin that provides a healthy glow inside and out, makes my eyes pop and just generally makes me happier! Let’s just say I’m not looking forward to the winter months!”

Please be sure to submit responses for the following question to ciarralorren@gmail.com before next Sunday!!

Embarrassing story time!!! What has been your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?!? Come on, we’ve all had one so don’t be shy! I’ll give you a hint about mine…I was recently the epitome of Spongebob on the beach the other day when I ripped my pants.

Post Date: August 13, 2017

Lots of Love,

Ciarra Lorren xox


26 thoughts on “We Asked…You Answered // Week 001

  1. This is awesome Ciarra! I loved reading everyone answers. We all have something different that gives us that confident boost! This was such a great idea Ciarra, I’ll be sure to include a response for next week too 🙂

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    1. I absolutely loved gathering everyone’s response and sharing them all with you guys! It makes blogging seem so much more like a friendly community! Thanks so much for all of your support xo

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  2. Sorry I’ve only just read this – I’ve been away with no signal 🙄😭, thank you so much for featuring me – it means so much! This post is amazing, very well presented xxx


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