Takes on Mascara

IF YOU REALLY KNEW ME…you’d know that I hardly ever leave the house without mascara on.

BUT, IF YOU REALLY KNEW ME…you’d know that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara ever since I began swiping the black goo onto my lashes. I mean let’s flashback to my post “Last Out,” in which I shared my struggle to find the perfect mascara with you.

“Mascara is my ultimate beauty pick me up as it opens the eyes, accentuates their natural coloring and instantly has a brightening effect that gives me that extra sparkle. But often, finding the right mascara for what you wish to achieve, that is simultaneously fitting to your lash type can be a real struggle. Trust me!”

And, even though I’ve searched high and low for the best mascaras on the market, I’m still looking for that perfect, five-star formula! So, I turned to the experts at, who turned to beauty experts, Susan Raffy and Melissa Smith, to create the most amazing mascara guide.

P.S. quite a few of our favorite mascaras and brands made the cut (even the best overall mascara)!

So, not only have we found the best overall mascara on the market, but thanks to the staff we learned a whole lot more about the eye makeup and lashes with their amazing insight in general. We especially love their in-depth investigation as well as their expert tips and “5 Mascara Rules You Can’t Afford to Forget” infographic. Mascara is more than merely a thick black goo in our eyes (or on them), but is a beauty product that truly transforms your eyes into art.

Now of course, we have millions of new mascaras to try! So, come join us! I totally recommend using’s list as your beauty resource to discover all of the insider’s scoop of the top mascaras!

Here’s a little taste of what to expect…


For more information, head to for the ultimate guide to the “The Best Mascara” here.

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Special thank you to Kayla Allen at for the information!



5 thoughts on “ Takes on Mascara

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is clumpy lashes, so that “wiggle the wand” tip is actually something I seriously needed in my life. 😂

    Loved the post as usual. :))

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