Fitness Friday // 003


Last week, I shared my favorite cardio, fat-blasting workout for those of us who just always seem to be on the go!

But, let’s be honest. Motivating yourself to perform the 15 minute HIIT routine or even to get back in the workout routine in general takes a whole lot of self-pep talking and sometimes that’s not even enough!

What does motivate me, however, is online shopping for brand new active wear to kick our workouts into high gear. Isn’t there just something about putting on crisp new leggings and sports bras that just makes you want to run a marathon?!?

No…only me…thought so! lol

But if you are like me, here’s some major fitness Friday inspo!!!


Adidas Techfit Bra / Ultimate Long Tights / Ultraboost X Shoes


Adidas CMMTD Marble Chill Bra / Supernova Glide Slim Shorts / Ultraboost X Shoes


Adidas Warp Knit Crop Top / Adidas By Stella McCartney Run Climacool 3/4 Tights / Ultraboost X Shoes

I know, I know…the Ultraboosts are  bit pricey! But, trust me. They are totally worth it!!!

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