They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. And thanks to the comeback of the colorful 90s trend, fashion is making it a whole lot easier to read deeper and deeper into the industry’s most fashionable souls.

Yes, we’re talking all about the return of colored lenses! The tinted hues of purple, pink, orange, green, blue, etc. have been brightening the streets around the world with the help of today’s top influencers! So next time you reach for your black tinted sunnies, show off your sense of style with this season’s hottest accessory!



BRB! Going to dig in my closet for my fave tinted lenses! Fingers crossed they still fit!!

What do you think of the 90s…now 2017 trend?!?

P.S. I’m on Day Three of our #WWWSummer30 Challenge so go check out my Instagram to see how I layered a maxi dress in an unique way today!!!

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13 thoughts on “BETTER NOW/BETTER THEN!?!

  1. I feel you have to be the right kind of person for these glasses! The people in your photos pull them off but I’ve seen so many people wear them casually and they look so bad! They are a tough one!

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