Supermodel-Approved Summer Hair

For years, I’ve been known for being able to tie my hair in a low ballerina-like bun without using a single hair accessory. My hair would simply tie itself in a perfectly snug knot, making getting ready a whole lot easier.

Clearly, this simple yet sophisticated low bun became my summer hair style staple.

But lately, I’ve noticed my lazy hair style become a trend in and of itself, donned on the heads of the most fashionable style influencers currently in the game. I mean, Bella Hadid practically styled her hair like so EVERYDAY, on the streets and red carpets nonetheless, prior to chopping her way into a short bob. Supermodel, Lily Aldridge, is famous for mastering the low bun especially on hot summer days paired with the “no makeup makeup” look. She even wore the hair style to the MET and on several red carpets! Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and millions of other supermodels have worn the sleek up-do on the runways of Chanel, Balmain, Givenchy, etc. as per the designer’s request. Let’s not forget about the abundance of stars, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba (to name a few), who continue to opt for various styles of the trendy look on a daily basis. Basically, the low bun is back and we are LOVING it.


Step 1: Lately, I’ve been tying my hair in a low knot right after getting out of the shower. I’d suggest to towel dry your hair just a bit to remove any excess water prior to twist your hair.

Step 2: Part your hair to your liking then twist your hair in a circular motion, making a lovely (or not so lovely) spiral thread of hair.

Step 3: Begin wrapping the spiral thread of hair around itself to form a low ballerina-like bun.

Step 4: Tie the knot off with an elastic hair band and spray product throughout the head to keep your hair looking sleek, shiny and put together all day long! I like to use All-Nutrient’s Raspbody Freeze Hair Spray. It is literally the perfect hair spray as it smells like raspberries (um, yumm!), keeps the hair in tact, and provides just enough shine without the dreadful hair spray crunch effect!

AND VOILA! Now you’re ready to hit the streets…or even the runways! What’s your go-to summer hair style!?! Let me know in the comments! xo

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