You Can Quote Me On This

I think I think too much…so much to the fact that my mind becomes an endless Pinterest board of self-crafted quotes. I think it’s time to start sharing those thoughts on here. But first, I think I’ll just share some of my favorite quotes found on Pintertest and Instagram as of recently. See, I’m always thinking!!

Which quote resonates most with you at this moment?!?

For me, it’s definitely the one that simply reads “grateful.” The second I saw this quote on Pinterest, something sparked inside of me, a spark of fire I needed to rekindle. I think one of the most important things in life is to remain gracious; to take a step back, look at your life and put everything into perspective. We often only think of the negatives, feeling sorry for ourselves and whatever we are going through. However, do we ever stop and think about how unbelievably lucky our lives are, especially compared to others. I definitely needed this reminder. Thank you God for the life you have given me!

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16 thoughts on “You Can Quote Me On This

    1. Totally agreeing with you on this one! We’re totally in the same boat! But, just keep in mind that maybe not the first, second or third go around but eventually everything will turn out well πŸ™‚

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