Since the beginning of my blog, you’ve witnessed the filtered me, unfiltered me and just about everything in between, as I’ve shared my thoughts, likes, photos and random stories with you for over two years now. I also always link my social media accounts in each post, allowing every single one of you to have public access to the “social Ciarra Lorren”. However, much of what goes onto this blog and those social media accounts in particular (minus my Instagram, of course), lacks my actual personal life. You merely see what I chose for you to see, which is often the perfectly tailored final product.

BUT, there is in fact, one account I do not share with everyone on this blog; Snapchat. Sure, with one simple search you can find me on the app, however, I’ve never personally publicized my account, as I feel as though Snapchat leads a much more private and personal purpose. Trust me, I have absolutely nothing to hide on Snapchat. If anything my account shows more of who the real Ciarra is, as I often post silly stories of myself, family and friends. Therefore, as I would love to share more of myself and my life with all of my lovely readers, here’s a glimpse into some of my favorite snaps I’ve posted on my story throughout it’s existence!

P.S. Sorry for the selfie overload (ooops)!

Clearly, I absolutely LOVE Snapchat! But, I’m wondering, which social media is you’re favorite??

Snapchat: ciarrazatorski

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