Let’s take things back…way back. Like five years back to the “night that every little girl dreams of.”


That’s right, I’m taking you back to my prom to show you what I considered to be “in style” five years ago exactly today (oh boy do I feel old) for the biggest night in your high school career. And of course, I’ll talk you through what I would/would not change about my 2012 prom look, hoping to give some of you a little inspiration as prom season is in full swing!

Shockingly, I’ve not yet reached the point of complete cringe as I look back at old photos of prom night, though I know that day will soon come.

Every decade, year and even every day, the styles that arbitrarily concoct the meaning of “trendy” change, leaving that super cute skirt you wore the other night “so yesterday” and not in a good way. That’s why, for prom, I always suggest to choose a dress that is more off-trend, more timeless. I often think of it as something I would show my kids years from now, without them being embarrassed of what their mother wore.

*Accessories not exact!

Therefore, I opted for a sleek white jersey draped gown by BCBGMAXAZRIA with mesh detailing, which to me, transformed the classic “white wedding gown look” into a much more contemporary and red carpet silhouette. Adding a like edge to the all white ensemble, I paired the look with Enzo Angiolini snake skin heels with varying hues of black, white and gray and threw on both a silver studded bracelet and earrings with charcoal-colored diamonds.

Keeping it rather simple, my makeup consisted of a golden smoky eye, bronzed face and nude lip. For my hair, a classic side updo made my head unrecognizable in what was a seemingly sea of the prom go-to staple.

It was rather odd for me to find this dress so quickly, as I am quite possibly the most indecisive person on this planet. I recall walking into Neiman Marcus just to get an idea of what styles I might like and immediately being drawn to the color and silhouette of the BCBG white gown hanging on a rack in the distance. I tried it on and sure enough, I found my prom dress with merely one simple fitting.

In that moment, I thought my look was perfection.

However, looking back now…I’m thinking maybe not so much! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dress, the makeup and even the snakeskin shoes, however, if I were to change one thing it would definitely be my hair. I would have much preferred to rock a sleeker hairstyle to match the sleek design of the gown. Perhaps a sleek ponytail or even pin straight hair with a clean part and the front layers behind my ears would have better suited the look!

Looking back now, I also don’t know if I would choose the same dress as I did five years ago, which has me thinking…what would I wear if I were a senior in high school with just days away from prom!?

Time for a some celeb inspiration!

What are you/did you wear to prom!? Please let me know in the comment section below. I’m EXTREMELY curious!!!

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8 thoughts on “PROM!?

  1. Beautiful!! I don’t even know where my prom pictures are😮 I went to prom in 2012 too but I didn’t really want to. I loved my dress but I would choose something different now. it was black, with rhinestones and a few other colors

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      1. lol because I didn’t care so much about going I didn’t care about the pictures much but I do miss that time now that I think about it

        Liked by 1 person

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