Cranford, New Jersey

The beauty in life is that in anywhere you go and anything you do, you not only learn something about the world but you learn something about yourself as well. Take this photo shoot for instance, which took place two town’s away from the house I’ve lived in for the past 22 years of my life. Going into this shoot, I merely put together this outfit I had already worn a week prior with the hopes of having several images that would together create a quality post.

However, looking back at the photographs now, I quickly begin to learn something about myself, something I had not noticed before. With each facial expression and each pose I intensely examine, I see a newfound confidence and comfort with not only being in front of the camera but with myself. In my eyes, it’s quite clear that I am confident in my own skin and that at that moment, I truly love who I am.

This amazes me for several reasons. For one, flashback to four years ago today…actually even two and you would by no means see the girl you see standing in these photos. You would see a girl afraid to live life, afraid of everyday, afraid of being happy, afraid to go after her dreams. In fact, you probably would not see any of these photos at all but if you did, you would be able to read the fear in my eyes, my face, my entire body. I must admit, it’s nice to look at photos in which you recognize your own confidence and your own happiness. To me, that is rather amazing.

What amazes me even more is that it took me traveling less than ten minutes, standing in a random alley and being photographed by my best friend to realize this. The growth I’ve made within myself over the past few years has truly been incredible. I’ve transformed from someone who was afraid to wake up everyday to someone attempting to put her fears behind and live her life.

So, for anyone going through something in which giving up on everything feels like the only possible option, please never stop dreaming. You can and will become the best you that you can possibly be. You merely have to find the strength from within. Take it from someone who has been there before. You too will someday amaze yourself as well! xox

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Cranford, New Jersey

Photographed by Beatriz Freitas

7 thoughts on “Cranford, New Jersey

  1. I can definitely see the confidence in your poses and how you’re very comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes people get too caught up in the moment, continuously looking up but rarely looking back to actually see how far they have come. I always try to remind myself this everyday:)

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