Question 1: Does anyone else HAVE to have music on when applying their makeup for the day?!?

There’s just something about jamming out to your favorite songs whilst applying your mascara that makes everything come out one million times better, right??

Question 2: Has anyone else noticed the abundance of the perfect Spring/Summer music being released as of recently!?!

Because I am completely obsessed with so many of the latest hits, so much so that I cannot stop replaying songs over and over again! Therefore, I’ve created the perfect playlist to listen to when it’s makeup time! Just a quite warning – it’s a rather random and eclectic collection of songs, however, I’m in love with each and every one for different reasons. Whether it’s the lyrics, the beat or merely the song in general, here are some of my favorite songs to listen to at the moment!



Shape of YouEd Sheeran

That’s What I LikeBruno Mars

Something Just Like ThisThe Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Say You Won’t Let GoJames Arthur

Ever Since New YorkHarry Styles

Shout Out To My ExLittle Mix

DiveEd Sheeran

iSpyKYLE featuring Lil Yatchy

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me BackShawn Mendes


No More Sad SongsLittle Mix featuring MGK

StayZedd & Alessia Cara

IssuesJulia Michaels

It Ain’t MeKygo x Selena Gomez

Castle On The HillEd Sheeran


Love On The BrainRihanna

BarcelonaEd Sheeran

All NightThe Vamps

BelieverImagine Dragon

CakeFlo Rida & 99 Percent


Still Got TimeZayn Malik ft. PARTY NEXT DOOR

EverydayAriana Grande


What are your favorite songs to listen to at the moment?! Please do let me know in the comments below! x

Also, I’m thinking about posting a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” post. Let me know your thoughts as well please!

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28 thoughts on “MAKEUP & MUSIC

  1. I really like this playlist 😄
    I dont know if I would use it for makeup purposes, but there’s so much good tunes on here. I’ve been listening to Love on the brain heaps lately 😄

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    1. That’s always a good go-to!!! And really?? Idk, they just put me in a good mood while I do my makeup in the morning hehe! What songs do you like to listen to while for makeup purposes?!?

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      1. Oh I should have clarified, I dont really listen to music while putting on makeup. Cause it takes me less than 2 minutes as I’m in a rush in the morning XD
        I dont have time to listen to music otherwise I would 😄

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  2. Great post! I love the playlist!
    Atm I really like: ‘Week’ – AJR, ‘Solo Dance’ – Martin Jensen, ‘It ain’t me’ – Kygo/Selena Gomez, ‘Lost in you’ – Lena, ‘Somebody to you’ – the vamps and ‘when will my life begin’ – tangled

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  3. I listen to music whilst doing most tasks. Like why would I want to pick an outfit in silence when I can pick an outfit and sing haha. Not that I should sing with the sound of my voice! I listen to everything but I love old school and currently listen to a lot of R&B and Hip-hop from like 2004 or something. This is a great playlist though!


    1. We are on the completely same page girl! Hahha but omg prior to this playlist my previous go-to playlist was literally ALL throwback R&B and hip-hop from the early 2000s. Usher, Destiny’s Child, NeYo, Mario…you name it haha! But then I started getting into today’s music!

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      1. Haha what’s a 2000’s playlist without Usher and Destiny’s Child! There is some good music out there right now. Just letting you know, I have tagged you for the Dawn Dagger Challenge if you feel like playing along.

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  4. Great playlist! I know and like most of these songs. I’m a creature of habits and always tend to listen to the same old music (80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s). I’m not the person who always know what’s new, unfortunately. I think I listen to less music than most people my age do, but I love my silence. Definitely want to know what’s in your makeup bag! xx

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  5. Although I’m not into makeup, personally I LOVE the song “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold. ALWAYS puts me in a great mood!

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