Five Foolproof Spring Outfit Combinations À La Your Fav Celebs

1. Denim + Denim + Denim

Harper’s Bazaar

In my eyes, you can truly never go wrong with denim on denim no matter the season. However, for spring we suggest swapping your darker washes for lighter ones to match springs’ fresh vibes. If you’re not a denim on denim type of girl, no worries! You can always pair your light wash denim with light neutrals to give off the same vibe just as Gigi did!

2. Crop Top + High Waisted Jeans + Sunnies

Harper’s Bazaar

Nothing says spring like the perfect combo of high waisted pants and a crop top! I’m taking major notes from Selena for fashion inspiration this season as the beauty effortlessly pairs black jeans with a fun graphic crop! Also loving the bold color choice as well! Hello sunshine yellow!!

3. Oversized Shirt + Denim Shorts + White Sneakers

Harper’s Bazaar

We may not all be able to pull off EVERYTHING kendall Jenner can, however, im pretty sure we’re all well suited for this next combo! Totally loving the oversized/borrowed from the boys trend at the moment (as you’ll see on Friday 😜) so this ensemble is right up my alley. I especially love the choice of red stripes and destroyed denim shorts! And, of course, white sneakers instantly make every look that much cooler!

4. Mini Dress/Skirt + Cropped Jacket + Booties

Harper’s Bazaar

I am totally obsessed with this next trend and I have a feeling it’s totally going to be my go to outfit this spring season! I love the contrast between the highs brought out by the booties and the lows of the mini dress. Plus, a helpful tip to make any outfit instantly better…always add a third piece! For instance, the addition of the cropped jacket just makes the look seem that much more put together! So go ahead and throw on that third piece to any outfit you desire and you’re sure to rock it!

5. Long Loose Dress + Mules + Sunnies

Harper’s Bazaar

Last but not least, when in doubt wear a long and light dress with a pair of mules! You can never truly go wrong with this combo as it has Spring written All over it. However, if miles just aren’t your thing then pair the casual silhouette with a pair of sneakers! You’ll be he chicest girl on the streets!


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