Manhattan, New York // 005

Playing Tourist

For 22 years of my life, I’ve lived within less than 40 minutes of a drive to what many consider the city of dreams, the concrete jungle and arguably the greatest city on Earth. As a child, I recall driving in and out of the city, starring at the tiled walls of the Holland Tunnel anticipating the marker, which signified that we finally left New Jersey and entered New York. I can recall days of driving along the parkway, sitting on Sandy Hook beach and even looking down through the small window of our plane only to find what seemed to be a paper cutout of skyscrapers in the distance. For 22 years of my life, New York City has been my neighbor, yet it seemed as though I really didn’t even know the city at all.

To this day, as I spend five days a week in the adjacent city as an fashion intern at a public relations agency, the city continues to be like a long-distance cousin. Though it has become more than merely a neighbor and is finally feeling like a second home, I still feel as though there is so much to learn about the city. And, instead of solely hopping on the path and walking down the same street each and every day, it’s now time to discover all of the hidden and unhidden gems of the grand city. In other words, it’s time to play tourist, starting with The Whitney Museum of American Art, a major attraction the city offers. Known for it’s famous galleries and artistic exhibits that bring life to the rather empty building, the Whitney is a true art lovers dream.

Though, I must admit that I found myself walking through the museum, questioning the purpose of a majority of the exhibits. However, the building itself is a major attraction, with modern architectural designs of steel allowing for incredible views of the city. The outdoor exhibits were definitely my favorite, especially one platform that featured pink glass walls, forming cubes along the balcony. The second I saw the vibrantly colored, translucent walls, I knew a blog post must be in the works.

If you’re ever in the city and love art museums, I would definitely recommend visiting the Whitney Museum! Check out my photos below! xo

Playing Tourist Look:

Miss Selfridge Coat, Aritzia Trousers, French Connection Boots, Madewell Sunnies

The Whitney Museum of American Art
Manhattan, New York

Photographed by Beatriz Freitas

8 thoughts on “Manhattan, New York // 005

  1. I just discovered your blog and I am loving all of your posts! I also live in NJ (an hour away from NYC) and I’ve been commuting to the city for an editorial internship a couple days a week so this post was super relatable/helpful. Plus your style is great too!😊

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      1. I’m writing content for a small nonprofit website called! It’s in the financial district, right next to the stock exchange which is a really cool experience (even though the company has nothing to do with finance). So nice to meet you too!

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