My Latest Obsession


Last month, I finally caved in and joined Pinterest. Trust me, it’s not that I was actively protesting against creating a Pinterest or anything, rather it was something I didn’t quite “get” all the hype about. But now, as possibly the last person on Earth to hop in on the Pinterest game, I finally get it.

Pinterest is like a world of it’s own with amazing archives of photographs, ideas and inspiration. You can literally find EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING imaginable and more with just a simple search.

And the pinning…don’t even let me get started on the pinning. I mean you can just save all of your favorite posts into one place with nicely organized boards that YOU create. How much better can it get!

(By the way, I know I sound as if I am a caveman discovering a light bulb, however, I am just far too excited with this whole Pinterest thing.)

So far, I solely have three boards created: one dedicated to my blog as well as two titled “Summer Vibes” and “From the Streets,” with the ladder being my absolute favorite. As it is filled with loads of amazing street style photos, I like to call it my everlasting style inspiration mood board as the images I choose change evolve with my style and what I’m loving as time goes on.

If you take a peak at my board, you’ll clearly see that at the moment I am obsessed with fun outfits of bold statement prints or pieces that really capture one’s style personality. The looks are perfectly curated for the bustling streets of New York and depict the relaxed and rule breaking style that is currently taking over the fashion industry.

P.S. If you haven’t heard, I will be posting for the entire month of April! You can check out my announcement here.

P.P.S. If you have a Pinterest, please leave your handle in the comments below as I’d love to follow more of you! Or, simply follow me at Ciarra Lorren and I’ll be sure to follow back!



14 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession

  1. Oh my god I’m 100% in the same boat. I’d always been so against pinterest cause I was like “blah this seems so boring and unorganized” but BOY WAS I WRONG. I recently started pinning for my job and became so obsessed with it I started my own. It’s soooooo good. I only follow a few people though and am always looking for some good accounts so I’m so glad you’re on there for me to follow! Woo!!!

    Oh, e non commentando in Italiano oggi perche ho avuto molto da dire. Mi dispiace 🙂

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