Better Now/Better Then!?

Platform Shoes

Ok, so if you’re like me, a young girl who grew up in the 1990s, and heard the words “platform shoes”, there is really only one possible image that can pop into your mind!

Can you think of it!?

I’ll give you a few seconds…




The actual queens of the platform shoe trend…THE SPICE GIRLS duhh!

Platform-Shoe-Trend-2016 (1).jpg

And thanks to Stella McCartney, the beloved trend is back and the fashion industry is completely obsessed with high-rising shoes. Personally, I am in love with McCartney’s reinvention of the nostalgic footwear.

But, I would like to know what you think! Are you loving today’s version of platform shoes or do you feel as though the trend should be left in the past!? Please share below; I’d love to know! xo


8 thoughts on “Better Now/Better Then!?

  1. O M G! Yes !!!!!! When I think of platforms – the 90’s and spice girls DO come into my head! I was a BIG fan of there’s when I was a teenager!!!!! I loved posh and baby spice! Sometimes I think platforms should just stick to the 90’s……. LOL

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      1. What do you mean by revival? To me that is a Christian term, lol we used the word for when pastors from a different part of the world came to preach for us…. I’m sure you mean something else! Haha! Are they getting back together!!!?????

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