Better Then/Better Now?!

We don’t know about you but we are absolutely obsessed with “The Late Late Show” hosted by our favorite comedian, James Corden! And while we’d love to be able to stay up and watch the show live, our old granny habits tend to kick in each night as we fall asleep around 10 p.m. and yes, sometimes even earlier. I am completely aware that I am 22 and this is shameful, but you got to sleep when you got to sleep! So, we resort to catching up on the show by watching clips on Youtube.

Recently we came across a segment called “Better Then/Better Now” in which Corden and Shawn Mendes had a riff-off battle to determine whether music was better in the past or if it has exceeded its predecessors and is much better today. Want to know what they came up with? Find out their conclusion here! *MAJOR CLIFF HANGER*

But that’s not the point!! After watching vocal war between the two, with weapons of 90s hit songs and that of the like of today, I questioned how this would be perceived in the fashion industry. Was fashion better then or is continuing to reach its peak today?

So, here’s my latest segment on; the Better Then/Better Now – Fashion Edition, where you and I will be judging whether trends that are coming back into style should stay in the present or be left in the past! And what better day to run the story then “Throwback Thursday”!?

Hope you enjoy! x

Better Then/Better Now – Denim Skirts?

Denim skirts are all the rave right now, but we do recall a time in the early 2000s when they were literally the greatest trend to ever enter the fashion industry. So, my question for you today is; are denim skirts better now or better then!?! Take a peak at the different interpretations by Rihanna in the early 2000s and recently by Bella Hadid!

Please let us know who you think wore it better in the comments below and let us know what you think of this segment!


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