Get To Know The Editor


Well if you do, you’d know that I’m obsessed with all things fashion, beauty and pop culture! But, there’s so much more to me than merely that. So I thought it was about time we get to know each other a little better…A.K.A. watching me be the silly goofball that I am, as I make a fool of myself on camera.

P.S. Occasional background voice, appearance and laughter courtesy of videographer, Beatriz Freitas. A very special thanks to her 💙 Also, subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos!


Ciarra Lorren Zatorski xoxo

Produced and edited by Ciarra Zatorski.



10 thoughts on “Get To Know The Editor

    1. Thank you Daniela! Xoxo. If it’s something you want to do and something you have the time and could really commit to then I say go for it! Totally up to you. I’m just starting out and not really sure where I’m going to take it, but right now filming and editing are something I really enjoy and so I thought I’d add it to my blog! Not sure what it’s going to be like but I say definitely go for it if you want. It’s always great to try new things 🙂

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