When it comes to beauty products, there’s one thing we cannot leave the house without and that’s MASCARA. Mascara is our ultimate beauty pick me up as it opens the eyes, accentuates their natural coloring and instantly has a brightening effect that gives me that extra sparkle. But often, finding the right mascara for what you wish to achieve, that is simultaneously fitting to your lash type can be a real struggle. Trust me! I feel as though I have tested every formula under the sun from high fashion design houses to drugstore finds and have finally come up with our top mascaras. As I bring you through my mascara hunting process, I hope this helps narrow your exhausting trial and error experiment with mascaras!

P.S. Before you read on, we would love to know your favorite mascaras! Let us know in the comments! Also, if you’ve ever tried any of Charlotte Tilbury or Max Factor Mascaras please do let us know what you think as they are on the top of our list of products still to try! Xo

Before you pick mascara…

Before you purchase a mascara, research is definitely required. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy. All you have to do is stare at your eyelashes in the mirror as you should not only know what effect and style you want your lashes to take but more importantly, the type of lashes you actually have as every mascara can provide different results for different people. It all depends on your natural lashes!

For me, my lashes are very thin individually, which makes them barely noticeable without mascara. So jealous of you thick lash girls!!! They are also very flexible in that they have a natural curl to them, one that allows to me skip the curling step prior to applying makeup. However, the most prominent feature of my eyelashes is their ability to elongate, and I mean to elongate to the point in which they reach my eyebrows. (But with the right mascara of course!)

The search begins…

So, when it comes to searching for mascaras, I tend to look for certain formulas that accentuate both the natural strengths and weaknesses of my lashes. I particularly want a mascara that is going to give my lashes a natural lift while simultaneously darkening the color of each individual lash to make them appear thicker. The thicker the formula, the better!!! I also want a mascara that is going to lengthen and expand my eyelashes as my desired look is more of the wispy, winged out effect that is something similar to Kendall Jenner’s eyelash style. Because the two of us share similar eye shapes, I find this look gives my eyes an additional…“umph,” for the lack of better words.

Okay, enough rambling, here’s my top picks!

My Top Mascaras

1. Lancôme Grandôise


This is by far our favorite mascara on the planet!!! The product has a swan-like, wide angle brush that allows you to reach literally EVERY lash from every angle. I especially love the way this mascara allows me to really apply the product from root to tip, which separates the lashes and provides the perfect amount of length, lift and volume. Most importantly, it gives me that lovely fanned out effect that really shapes the eye and gives it a more flirty look.

2. Lancôme Hypnôse Star


Coming in at a close second, is Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star mascara. When I originally set out on the hunt for the perfect mascara (this was years ago), I actually researched what mascara Kendall and Kylie Jenner used. In an interview, I read that Kendall used Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star and Kylie later confirmed the sister’s love of the product in a Vine video. Like our number one choice, this product provides Lancôme’s signature lift, lengthen and volumizing effect with a little extra volume and a lot of extra curl. The only downfall of the mascara is that is appears to fade and crumble faster than the Grandôise, which stays in place all day!

3. Clarins Be Long Mascara


When I want a more natural, lighter mascara that really lifts and lengthens our lashes, Clarins Be Long Mascara is my go-t0! The brush is long and thin, which allows us to reach every lash from the inner corner to the outer corner. The product also contains Clarins’ new growth activating formula which increases the length the more you use the product. I would definitely recommend if you have lashes like mine!

4. Tarte Light, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara


I love this mascara for it’s thick brush and formula that really allows my lashes to stand out. The formula itself is extremely black and attaches onto the lashes very well. The thick brush allows for great volume as well.

5. Benefit They’re Real!

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 10.32.02 PM.png


Being a fan of my natural lashes, I have never attempted to use false lashes in fear they will ruin my natural ones. Therefore, products like Benefit’s They’re Real mascara creates the perfect illusion of naturally “false” looking lashes because of it’s power to lengthen the lashes beyond belief!

6. Benefit Roller Lash


Another one of my favorite mascaras is Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara, which I discovered after watching Zoë Sugg rant and rave about the latest product. Not to mention, her lashed were so long, lush and curly! And that’s exactly what this product does for our lashes as well as it provides an eye-opening effect that lengthens, separates and curls the lashes.

7. Maybelline Lash Sensation

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 10.41.15 PM.png

Maybelline’s Lash Sensation mascara is a great drugstore alternative to all of those listed above. It provides great lifting, lengthening, curling and volumizing effects, all while fanning out the lashes.


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