Thanks to the lovely natttblog, I’ve been nominated for the again for the Liebster Award!

Since starting this blog, I’ve loved the supportive community other bloggers encourage on WordPress! Clearly, natttblog is no exception, so thank you dearly for your continued support! Also, check out her page because she’s awesome!

So here’s the rules for the award:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate at least 5, but no more than 11 bloggers who deserve the award
  • Tell those bloggers you nominated them!
  • Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer

Time to get started!

  1. What was your favorite memory made from this holiday season?

    Simply put, getting together with family and friends and sharing loads of laughter and love!

  2. What are some of your new year resolutions? Do you make new years resolutions?

    I usually will convince myself to exercise more, hoping that each year I get abs. But, I never quite succeed! However, this year, I’m going into the new year with a new mindset; exercise more because it’s good for you…abs will come. I’m also going into this new year with more optimism and determination to continue to love and laugh each and every day.

  3. What are you most excited for, for this upcoming year?

    I’m traveling to Italy in March, so that’s something I’m definitely looking forward to.

  4. What is your favorite memory from 2016?

    Like most years, my favorite memories are those made on my families annual vacations to new and exotic islands. This year, we went to Mexico and it was pure bliss!

  5. What is your favorite winter activity?

    I would love to say skiing or snowboarding, however, I must admit that I am not the best at either. Sure, I’ve been skiing since a young girl, but let’s put it this way…the last time we went snowboarding we couldn’t quite stop and flew right into another skier that was calmly waiting at the bottom of the mountain.Her gear went flying in the air, as did the both of us. She was not the happiest camper that day…

  6. What is your favorite place you have traveled to?

    Years ago, I traveled to Turks & Caicos with my family and have been longing to return ever since.

  7. What are your hobbies?

    Other than starting this blog for a fashion journalism class, ciarralorren was created with the intention of becoming a hobby of mine as it is today. I also love photography!

  8. What is the best gift you got this Christmas?

    Other than material items, just spending time with my family is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. (Cheesy much, I know.)

  9. Do you have pets?

    I have one dog named Ben, who I love dearly.

  10. What is your favorite season?

    Summer, summer, summer.

  11. If you could visit one country in the world, where would you want to go?

    Being that I’m traveling to Italy (my top choice) in the spring, next up would probably be somewhere the Greek islands!

Now it’s your turn And She Went On and On, Daisyashchroft, Gluecksgeist, Kathrynfirth, Nina Webb!

1. What’s the story behind your blog?

2. What is your ultimate goal in life?

3. What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?

4. Would you rather live where it’s hot year round or always cold?

5. What was your childhood dream?

6. Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

7. What’s your favorite dessert?

8. What’s your favorite thing about yourself? Be honest, be loving.

9. What do you see yourself doing in five years?

10. How often do you eat pizza?

11. If you could travel to one country in the world, where would you go? (Yes I stole the question, but I’m very curious!)


15 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD //002

  1. Aww thank you girl!i really enjoyed reading your answers especially the one about your favorite winter activity too funny!! You’re so lucky, I want to travel to Italy one day! Hope you have a great time and can’t wait to see pictures!!!! Definitely looking forward to that blog! Sounds like you get into lots of adventures! Thank you for doing this blog & thank you for stoping by! Looking forward to more of your blogs!!😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the award! Also have an amazing trip to Italy, I went a few years ago and it is truly beautiful.
    – Elen x

    Liked by 1 person

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