Cranford, New Jersey

Summer, where did you go!?

If you live on the East Coast, I’m sure you’ve noticed the incredible drop in temperature that seemed to happen overnight. I mean let’s be serious, one day we’re wearing nothing but a light jacket and the next, we’re dressed as if we are hitting the slopes.

Lately, it’s like an arctic tundra here in New Jersey!

Therefore, we’ve concocted the perfect go to winter outfit that will not only keep you warm in the crisp winter weather but will keep you stylish as well. We also had help from a little furry friend!

Currently, we have our J.Crew coat, BCBG Generation sweater and Calvin Klein pom-pom hat on repeat! We especially love the J.Crew coat as it’s our second winter season with the lovely gray piece and it has left us nothing but warm through the coldest of weather. Mix and match your pieces with our favorite Zara leather leggings and Steve Madden booties (or your favorite substitutes) and you’ll be good to go!

Cranford, New Jersey

Photographed by Beatriz Freitas.

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