Westfield, New Jersey

Embrace Your Insecurities

Sometimes, it’s unnecessary to travel great distances to learn to love yourself. Rather, sometimes your mind is your closest destination.

Growing up, we are all constantly surrounded with images depicting society’s ideal of beauty and advertisements suggesting that we are all flawed in some way, shape or form. Even worse, we are surrounded by the pressures and judgements of those around us; people who would often prefer to point out our insecurities rather than focus on what makes each one of us beautiful.

Growing up, we all (or at least the majority of us) sit in front of the mirror, dissecting our features, wishing our eyes were a smidge larger, our lips plumper and our cheek bones higher, or the opposite for that matter.

Growing up, we all have insecurities.

For myself, my insecurity was my nose. I did not like my nose nor did others.

Growing up, I can recall moments in which a fellow classmate called me Pinocchio or some variation of the fictitious character on a daily basis. Despite the amount of people who constantly told me that I was such a pretty girl-strangers, family members and friends-I could never forget the comments of that girl. In my mind, I was Pinocchio and though I rarely lied as a young girl, I felt as though my nose continued to grow each day. Another day, another inch.

Growing up, I can recall moments staring in the mirror, wishing I could simply chop off a portion of my nose to make it appear less pronounced. Quickly realizing that was not a possibility, I recall making my nose twitch in every which way, trying to find a better angle, a better look. Spoiler alert: I never did.

However, as I grew up, I realized my nose was not the problem. Rather, my mindset was.

I did not love my nose because it did not look like those in magazines. Even worse, I did not love my nose because of my peer.

Though I still do not love my nose, I’ve learned to embrace it. I’ve learned that the only way to love yourself or a characteristic of yourself is to change your way of thinking. Instead of looking at the negatives, think of your insecurities through a different light. Sure compliments help, however, I’ve learned that it is only through your own mind, not that of others, that you will come to love yourself. Confidence comes from within.

Therefore, this holiday season, as part of my blogmas challenge, I encourage each one of you to embrace your insecurities, to dig deep within yourself and to learn to love whatever you feel is “flawed.” Or better, spread the message to others who feel their insecurities make them ugly or unworthy.

We are all beautiful, it just takes some of us longer than others to realize so.

“Embrace Your Insecurities” Look:

Free People sweater, Topshop vest, Madewell denim, Steve Madden shoes, Henri Bendel bag

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