Hoboken, New Jersey // 002

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In life, we often find the need to travel far distances for new and different experiences. However, sometimes, there are hidden gems right around the corner; hidden gems we often take for granted.

After a recent visit to Hoboken, New Jersey, I have come to the realization that the New York City skyline has become one of the jewels I often take for granted.

Running along the Hoboken pier, staring out into the distance, in awe by the famous New York skyline, I realized how lucky I am to have the ability to not only view the building’s silhouettes from just a 30-minute drive, but to also visit the tourist trap in less than an hours commute.

Luckily for me, having a sister living in Hoboken, living just across the Hudson from the city provides easy access to the stunning view that so many travel thousands of miles to witness. After many visits to my sister, Pier C has established itself as one of my favorite spots to take in the beautiful scenery as I run.

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Hoboken Pier
Hoboken, New Jersey

Photographed by Beatriz Freitas
Instagram: @beaaafreitas

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