Riviera Maya, Mexico // 004

Tropical Oasis


It was 7:00 in the morning. Awakened by the melodies of exotic birds and animals, my eyes begin to open as a soft light gently crept through the gap of the balcony curtains. A sure sign of the sun welcoming a new day, I quickly stumbled out of bed and followed the faint light that began to illuminate the dark room. I stepped outside and immediately became overwhelmed by the beauty of nature surrounding me. To my left, the sun hovered over the vast Caribbean ocean, which drifted closer and closer to the shore with every blow of wind and sent the loud yet soothing sounds of crashing waves throughout the air. To my right, a patch of wild palms and jungle-like vegetation swayed to the beat of the breeze as the screeches of wildlife echoed from within. I could not help but to breathe in the fresh air; an air so pure and clean that you could almost taste the salt evaporating from the water. As I merely stared out into the tropical oasis before me, it hit me. This was life in its purest form. A sense of life far different from that of the hustle and bustle we tend to define “life” our everyday experiences. Instead of traffic, there were waves. Instead of the sounds of construction, there was the soothing sounds of wildlife. Instead of the man-made reality, there was nature. And, there was no other place finer to be.

With these thoughts floating through my mind, my outfit for the day was a clear decision; a striped off-the-shoulder romper that possessed the same ease and beauty as the nature surrounding me.

Tropical Oasis Look:

Topshop RomperMadewell Sandals [similar]

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Hard Rock Hotel
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Written and photographed by ciarralorren

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