Riviera Maya, Mexico // 002

Venice Vibes 


Another day in Mexico, another adventure.

Our beautiful hotel, Hard Rock Riviera Maya, was situated along the coast of the Caribbean high above sea level, which allowed for breathtaking views of a variety of blues sparkling under the summer sun. And with the water’s natural rock barrier separating the tranquil lagoon from the lively ocean, serenity filled the resort’s atmosphere.

However, the most intriguing feature of the complex were the land’s natural rock formations as they created hidden paths to the water that only the curious minded would discover. Captivated by the quest at hand, the unexposed passages of rocky stairs quickly become the most comforting spots to escape my thoughts as well as my reality, and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Venice Vibes Look:

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Hard Rock Hotel
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Photography by Austin Zatorski

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    1. Hi, thank you 🙂 I use the Sony RX-100 and absolutely love it! It’s so simple to use but produces great quality photos as well!


  1. Wow you’re one pretty super model ! Do you do any run way shows or professional shoots ? Because you should and are you single by any chance and wanna date a fan?

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