Riviera Maya, Mexico // 001

Bienvenido! Welcome to the latest series on ciarralorren; a travel diary designed to share the outfits I wear as well as my thoughts and the many episodes I experience through my wonderful travels and adventures!

Bohemian Bliss


DSC06091There’s something about traveling to a new place, learning about a different culture, and hiding away in a tropical resort that makes one feel as though reality merely does not exist. Life becomes a blur, or rather, a vast ocean; a seemingly endless supply of vitality that swiftly moves with each gust of wind, as reality slowly fades to a mere figment of one’s imagination. Reality no longer defines your life. Your life becomes your escape.

Perhaps it was the warm Mexican sun beaming down on my skin or the soothing sound of waves gently reaching my ears every other second. Or, perhaps it was the atmosphere of vitality and tranquillity blowing through the breeze that allowed me to carelessly live in the moment, to happily live in the present while vacationing in Mexico.

Whatever the cause may be, I have come to the realization that it is truly impossible not tofeel a sense of peace, happiness, and gratitude while sitting on the beach of the Hard Rock Hotel and Resort in Riviera Maya, staring out into the Caribbean. With large stretches of water and lush vegetation around every corner, a week’s stay proved nothing less than pure paradise.

And of course, the grand huts stitched of straw, walls stacked of rocks, and bridges of bamboo standing strong within the complex not only added to the tropical aesthetic of the land but provided beautiful backdrops every step of the way.

[Perfect for spontaneous photo shoots!]

Which leads me to the following pictures. Living the carefree, easy, breezy lifestyle, a cream, bohemian-inspired crochet romper paired with a classic straw hat and crisscross sandals seemed fitting amongst the resort’s natural beauty.


Hard Rock Hotel
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Photography by Austin Zatorski

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