“Just Go For It”

After 22 years of keeping her hair pure, natural, and untouched by hair dye, friend and reader of ciarralorren, Beatriz Freitas, finally colors her hair!

Here’s how it went down!



Q: In general, how would you describe your hair and its pre-balayage style?

“In general my hair has always been straight, smooth and slick. Some may even say too slick because it would slither it’s way out of ponytails or messy buns, however, I did always love it. Aside from always being soft, it’s also been moderately oily. If I go a day without washing it, it doesn’t look very clean the next day and the only proper way to wear it would be up in a ponytail or maybe even with a baseball hat covering it up. Pre-balayage, the color of my hair was darkish brown, however, thanks to many hot summer days of being out in the sun it naturally lightened, giving it a very, very, very subtle ombré affect.



Q: Let’s talk hair care! What is your typical routine like and how do you maintain its length?

“My hair care routine? Well to start off I wash everyday and I’m sure the hair gods and goddess are shaking with anger at that because apparently that’s a big no no! The shampoo and conditioner I use each day is the TRESemme Anti-Breakage. Once I am out of the shower, I pat my hair dry with my towel then I add about a nickel (or quarter) size of HASK Argan Oil throughout my hair, focusing more on the ends. Once that’s in, I comb it through and let it air dry. On days that I decide to either blow dry my hair, straighten or curl it, I finish it off with John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Creme (wow that was as mouthful). With the John Frieda product, I basically just take a coin size amount and attempt to spread it evenly throughout my hair. If I curl my hair, I use the Pantene Style Pro-V Sheer Volume hairspray in level 4, which I love because it’s lightweight and smells lovely! On days where I am brave and don’t wash my hair, I decide to apply Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo scented tropical. I would recommend dry shampoo if you’re not looking for a full wash, but I’ll admit it does not make your hair feel as light and clean as a real wash would.”

Q: What inspired you to finally color your hair after 22 years?

“Let me tell you something, I have always, always, always been interested in dying my hair, even when I was younger! When I was younger, I thought I could pull off a beachy light blonde, which obviously, with my facial features I cannot do and I for sure know that now. Other than that I’ve always seen people with hair dye whether in person or on Instagram and I always love the way it looks but I was too afraid to damage my hair or try something new (basically I’m afraid of change). After many YEARS of contemplating on whether or not to dye my hair, I finally decided that the only way I’d know whether or not I liked to color my hair was if I just took a deep breath and did it. It was definitely a rough decision because like I said I’m afraid of change and I was worried that I wouldn’t like the way it looked colored or that it would become severely damaged.”

Q: Tell us about the experience; emotions and everything!

“Okay, so the second I made the appointment, my heart started racing. I began to have such shallow breaths and I was in full panic mode because for the first time, I had made the step to actually get my hair colored. I immediately texted my best friend and even told her that her mom could take my appointment time because I was about ready to cancel it (this is all 20 minutes after making the appointment). After a long talk with my boyfriend, he finally just convinced me that the only way I would know how I felt with my hair colored was if I just did it, and well he was right. After the panic I had for several hours, I was a bit more at ease but attempted to keep myself very busy so that I wouldn’t pick up the phone and dial the salon’s number. The following day, the big appointment day, my best friend kindly volunteered to come with me, which once again eased the nerves a bit. I stayed busy throughout the whole day so I wouldn’t think about everything that could go wrong. Throughout the drive I wasn’t too nervous because I had my best friend constantly talking and distracting my mind. However, once I got there and sat in the chair waiting for the moment, I could feel the nerves growing a bit. Then the big moment came! The hair colorist was dying my hair and I expected to be extra nervous at this point but she was very friendly, sweet, and made me feel at ease and well at that point the damage had been done so I couldn’t really get up and run. Once we washed out the dye and sat in the chair, it was time to blow dry to display the true color! Here, the nerves crept back but I heard my stylist say, ‘Oh this is going to look so good! I’m so excited!’ And seeing her reaction, her passion for what she does for some reason once again put me at ease!”

Q: Well…how are you liking your hair!?

“I’m definitely liking my hair at the moment. It’s different and something new that I’ve never tried before. I’m definitely also enjoying the fact that I’ll be walking in the sunlight and either my best friend or boyfriend says, ‘Oh let me take a photo, it looks so good!’ It’s just really great and feels good to finally have change!

Q: What advice would you give to girls with similar mindsets to that of your own?

“If I have any advice to give any girls with similar mindsets as mine I would say, ‘Just go for it!’ Honestly, I spent years and years staring at photos of hair that I loved, truly loved and I was always so afraid that I wouldn’t like it or I would ruin my hair that I loved so dearly. The only way you’ll know what you look like with the hair color you like or the hair style you’re dreaming of, is if you simply get it done! If you get your hair done and you don’t like it, that’s okay because hair grows out and now you’ll know that you may love the hair but not on you and that’s okay!”

Q: Now that your hair is no longer purely natural, do you plan on changing your hair care routine in any way?

“Do I plan on changing my hair care routine?! Um well, I’ve had this routine for 22 years and it worked well on my natural hair so I’m basically hoping it works for color treated hair as well! Although, I do plan on learning more on how to keep balayage healthy and long lasting!”

Photographed by ciarralorren
Special thanks to Beatriz Freitas
Extra special thanks to Kristin of Salon Bangles
for the lovely balayage!
Salon Bangles
Organic Hair Studio
Springfield, New Jersey

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