The world’s most prominent designers, models, and fashion-elite may have walked the red carpet at the world-renowned Met Gala over a month ago, however, over 170 ensembles stand tall in the museum, exploring the realm of fashion in an age of technology.

So, where does the fashion industry stand? Has it succumbed to the power of the machine (machina) or does the hand (manus) remain as fashion’s greatest technology?

The Costume Institute’s Spring 2016 exhibition attempts to provide an answer to the ever-present question as it unites both the handmade and machine-made to distinguish the difference between haute couture and avant-garde, ready-to-wear designs of the industry’s new and established designers.

Lucky enough to have visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I have captured some of the most fascinating and stunning pieces of the exhibit.

Browse through the gallery below to gain an insight into the creativity and talent that continues to fuel the world of fashion. However, don’t let these sole images stop you from visiting the exhibit before it closes, as it is truly an inspiring, educational, and spectacular presentation to see.

Photography by ciarralorren

Click on the pictures for a closer look and comment below which piece is your favorite!


Ciarralorren xoxo


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