Milanese Muses

When it comes to spring street style, there are two types of Annas; Anna Dello Russo, the over-the-top fashion risk taker from Milan, and Anna Wintour, the consistently refined and elegant character that never leaves her house without her essential disguise; designer sunglasses. (Typical New Yorker!)

Photos Courtesy of POPSUGAR and Guest of a Guest

While Russo represents the maximalist nature of Italian fashion, Wintour proves that minimalism complements the crowded streets of New York.

But what happens when the two fashion capitals collide? 

Pure street style genius in Hoboken, New Jersey!

From the cobblestone streets of Milan Fashion Week to the cramped streets of Hoboken, we took a look at the major fashion trends internationally desired for spring.

Top Five Street Style Trends For Spring 2016:


1. All About the Legs, About the Legs. NO ANKLES!

Created by ciarralorren

Don’t put your black booties away just yet! According to the street style stars of Milan Fashion Week, the classic bottoms are the perfect accessories for this spring’s ensembles. Paired with mini skirts and overalls, Milanese women crowded the narrow streets in black ankle boots while flaunting their lean gambe (Italian equivalent of legs). The contrast between the length of their skirts and the height of the boots added just the right amount of Italian sex appeal, ideal for spring’s warmer weather.

 Hoboken’s Interpretation: A pleated A-line mini dress paired with heeled black booties.


2. Luscious Lace

Created by ciarralorren

In the country of love, romance is never out of style. Keeping the romance alive, the streets of Milan were adorned in delicate white lace silhouettes during fashion week. From full lace tops to flower detailed sleeves, white lace is one of Spring 2016’s essentials!

Hoboken’s Interpretation: A beautifully detailed white laced, A-line dress with an elaborate open back design.


3. Dazzling Denim

Created by ciarralorren

Denim will always be a fan favorite for spring fashion, however, during this season’s Milan Fashion Week, street style stars turned denim up a notch. With embroidered swans and flowers stitched into the fabric of pants and jackets, pins of all shapes and sizes fastened onto pockets, and love quotes proudly showing off the backs of the silhouette, one can certainly say that the ladies of Milan are reinventing the classic look. Known for their over-the-top, maximalist style there’s no surprise that Italians are leading the pack of denim embellished designs.

Hoboken’s Interpretation: A classic denim mini dress paired with a denim crossbody bag adorned in dynamic designs of sequins and tassels.

Ciarralorren’s Interpretation: When it comes to unique denim designs, the sky is the limit. Taking a bite of the street style trend in Zara jeans embellished with paintings, hamburgers, ice pops, and ketchup, it is safe to say I learned that more is definitely merrier when it comes to this look.


4. Show Your Stripes

Created by ciarralorren

Bold, bright, and fearless is in for the Spring 2016 season. The ladies of Milan clearly highlighted this as the next big trend in brilliant striped designs of all directions. Worn on shirts, pants, or a mixture of both and combined with spring’s vibrant blues, reds, and yellows, stripes add a spontaneous pop of color to anyone’s look.

Hoboken’s Interpretation: A nod to the classic American nautical trend in a chic body-con shirt and skirt combination.

5. Mixing Micro Minis

Created by ciarralorren

If you thought one accessory was enough, think again! The latest trend sweeping the streets of Milan is the mixing and matching of micro mini bags. Strapping a combination of Fendi, Celiné, and Chanel minis around their shoulders, Italian women are making over handbags with their own personal touches. However, some times two mini bags are simply just not enough. Pom-pom key fabs, wristlets, and other accessories amp up the look as well.

Hoboken’s Interpretation: A subtler rendition of the accessory trend with pom-poms dangling from the sides of mini bags.

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  1. Very nice. Well done. Read easy. One thing can I or Gianmickele model for you because your model at Hoboken was bad need to spice it up.

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