She’s “It”alian!

When it comes to choosing your personal style icon, it appears as though almost every online publication from POPSUGAR to InStyle is confident in providing you with all the answers.

“Pick a shoe”, they ask as they display a variety of shoe styles. “What’s your dream vacation destination? Pick a Ryan Gosling. What dog would you bring home? How do you take your coffee?”

After countless online quizzes searching for my style icon, with results ranging from Nicole Richie to Kim Kardashian, I came to the realization that choosing my style icon ultimately comes down to me.

Therefore, I asked myself one simple question; “Who in fashion inspires me on a daily basis?”

The answer: Italian blogger, fashion designer, and It girl Chiara Ferragni

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Maybe it’s her effortlessly chic style, her love for vintage, or her obsession with the latest designer accessories. Or, maybe it’s the way Ferragni merges her inherited Italian fashion sense with the styles and trends dominating other fashion capitals around the world.

However, it’s Ferragni’s risk-taking and spontaneous style that inspires me to explore the art of fashion as she reinvents her style each and every day as the founder of The Blonde Salad. One day she may be spotted in a delicate, flower-printed Philosophy dress and the next in distressed jeans, a classic white t-shirt, and a leather Moto Jacket. Ferragni truly dresses for herself, for whom she wants to be.

It is with that courage that she has established herself as one of Italy’s modern day street style and fashion icons. By piecing together outfits of mix-match patterns, brands, and textures, Ferragni’s everyday style not only represents her personality but also the trends popping up on every street corner.

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Along with her innovative street style, Ferragni’s latest collection of Chiara Ferragni shoes has heads turning as well. Her brightly colored glitter designs and her signature winking eye logo are displayed on a variety of types of footwear from pumps to sneakers in her Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Previous collections contained similar designs on other accessories as well, included backpacks, iPhone cases, beanies, and t-shirts. Ferragni is often spotted sporting this fun and eclectic collection, separating the blogger’s brand from the rest and creating a style she can uniquely call her own.


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