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Photos Courtesy of: Vogue


Glaring at the television, I sat on my bedroom floor with my knees tightly curled to my body and my heart thumping to the dramatic beat playing in the background. Attempting to ease my tension, I bit each fingernail away, biting any piece of nail that still remained.

“I have one photo remaining in my hands,” Tyra Banks said. “This photo represents the model that will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.”

I sat patiently waiting for the judges to make a decision, watching the camera pan from Tyra to Adrienne, then to Shannon standing right beside her, and once again back to Tyra. Captivated by this very first season of America’s Next Top Model at the mere age of nine-years-old, I made a decision of my own. I decided that modeling was my dream and a career in fashion would be my future.

Fast forward to the next season, a similar scene repeated; my eyes were glued to the television, my ears fixed on Tyra’s voice, my heart thumped even louder than before, and my fingernails destroyed by my overpowering anxiety. (Yes, I know…it was only a TV show!)

However, rather than waiting to discover which model would continue on in the running and which would be eliminated, I was more interested in discovering the destination Tyra chose to take the models. It was at this point that ANTM opened my eyes to a brand new world and culture. But more importantly, it was at this point that my love for Italian fashion began.

Which in fact, brings me here today to the launch of, an online publication dedicated to the latest coverage on Italian fashion and trends and how they are adapted in America and throughout the world.

Expect the exploration of Italian styles walking down the runway, designer gowns pictured on the red carpet, and top trends dominating the streets. Join me on a journey to discover the whos, whats, wheres as well as the ins and the outs of today’s fashion industry.


ciarralorren xoxo


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